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A white woman with curly red hair wearing glasses, rainbow hoop earrings, a white tee with rainbow stripes, an olive green jacket, jeans, and converses sitting on the ground in front of a window.

More About Me

After more than a decade in higher education, most recently at the Johns Hopkins University, I decided to branch out and take this show on the road (figuratively). I can go from high-level to granular and back, and thoroughly enjoy figuring out messaging, strategy and execution. Core to this is an internal value statement of authenticity, innovation, curiosity, connection, and problem solving. I love to learn — so if your industry is something I know absolutely nothing about, expect lots of questions!

My favorite kinds of projects are those when I can think creatively and constructively about the needs of a population. Part of that includes identifying strategies to address those needs, and building a sustainable infrastructure. When I'm not building communities and strengthening my own, I'm usually reading a book somewhere.

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