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Communications Strategy & Consulting

Want to talk through an overarching communications strategy and identify the best channels to support your business? We can do that. Need someone to create branding materials or event collateral — and maybe even get the event promoted digitally? Yup, that’s cool. Wondering where your social media game could go further? Let’s do an audit! Or maybe you know that your brand has a voice and you just can't get a read on it. Sometimes having that outsider perspective can help. 

Whatever your needs are, I have more than 13 years of experience living and breathing communications. And I'm all about setting people up for success. I've designed and launched websites, developed comprehensive communications plans and strategies for multi-day events, built timelines, and more. Somewhere along the way, I've even picked up some major project management skills — all of which I'll use to help you stay on track. 


Really, think of this as me being the person you call when you have a question or a problem related to communications — design, website, social media, emails, etc. Some people might call it communications 101 for hire. I say I’m just a member of your team for as long as you need me. 

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